The bedroom is one in all the foremost necessary rooks within the home and is related to rest, relaxation, and luxury. One must be sufficiently reinvigorated to perform well throughout the day.

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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors Interior Decorating Ideas

According to the laws of feng shui, If the most door of a house is directly opposite the bedroom door, the resident of that area can face legal issues. Position alittle decoration or a bit of piece of furniture to interrupt the road of passage.

If you have got bunk beds in an exceedingly bedroom they ought to follow these feng shui Rules.
One’s head shouldn’t bit the ceiling or this might end in health problem. the highest of the pad on rock bottom bunk ought to even be a minimum of sixteen inches off the bottom.

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It is not favorable to stay a clock straight off behind or directly ahead of a sleeper. Clocks ought to be placed on either facet of the bed. If you have got your put down the panel it ought to be placed on a stand beside the bed or on the ground.

A light bulb directly higher than the top of the bed can flip the sleeper in to a nervous wreck. If adorned  higher than the centre of the bed, it’ll cause abdomen disorders. the sunshine ought to be placed to the facet of the bed.

The toilet table shouldn’t be placed at the foot of a bed because it adversely affects health. Move the toilet table to the other position.

You can draw on the strengths of components by selecting a panel that corresponds to your element as shown within the paragraphs below.
Square or rectangular formed headboards ar for those who represent wood and earth components. it’s additionally sensible for professionals, because it encourages stability and offers support.

Oval or wavy-shaped headboards ar ideal for those who belong to the part water and additionally for artists, musicians and designers.

Angular headboards or those with spiked points, these don’t seem to be counseled for anyone. It relates to the part hearth. It prevents folks from obtaining an honest night’s sleep.

Bedroom Feng Shui Interior Techniques Tips

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